April Patient Meeting with Guest Rogier Veltrop

Join us on April 28th at 12 pm Eastern Time / 5 pm CET for an empowering patient meeting focused on the latest in cardiac LMNA research, with our guest Rogier Veltrop. This session is specially designed for patients navigating LMNA-related cardiac diseases, offering a deep dive into recent advancements that shine a light on genetic causes and potential treatments. Our meeting will feature an insightful presentation by Rogier, a pioneer in the field, followed by a Q&A session.

Should time permit, we’ll also break into smaller groups for more intimate discussions, allowing for a personalized exchange of experiences. This format aims to provide a supportive environment where patients can gain knowledge, share their stories, and connect with others on similar journeys. It’s an opportunity to learn directly from leading research and find solace in the community, enhancing both understanding and hope for those affected by LMNA-related cardiac issues.

You may register using the form below. We will manually add you to a Google meet event and your invite may arrive a day or so after submitting this form.

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