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About Action for LMNA

The lamin A/C gene mutation, a change deep within our genetic code, carries a profound impact on heart health, presenting a significant challenge for individuals and families alike. This mutation, which leads to a serious heart condition, has a startling 50% chance of being passed down from parent to child, coupled with a high penetrance rate, meaning if you have the mutation, there's a very high likelihood of developing the disease. This condition gravely affects the heart's ability to function properly, often leading to heart failure and other severe complications. It's a relentless condition that not only affects those diagnosed today but also poses a serious risk for future generations.

In the face of this daunting health issue, hope shines through in the form of a groundbreaking study led by Rogier Veltrop and Maastricht University. This unique research involves a family spanning three generations, encompassing males and females, individuals with and without the genetic mutation, and both symptomatic and asymptomatic members. The study aims to uncover the intricacies of DNA processing in cells affected by the LMNA mutation. This insight is crucial for developing innovative treatments, aligning with the pioneering efforts at CARIM, Maastricht University's renowned cardiovascular disease research school.

This family study is a pivotal step towards creating genetic corrections and therapies. It offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain valuable insights from a family sharing the same genetic makeup, providing accurate and reliable data.

These projects are set to launch, with the initial phase of cell reprogramming and characterization requiring approximately €40,000. The subsequent research phase will need an additional €100,000 to unearth new molecular mechanisms and jump start groundbreaking gene therapies for LMNA patients.

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