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Webinars & Events

Upcoming Patient Meetings

LMNA Cardiac - April Patient Meeting
April 28th, 2024 @ 12:00 PM ET

Upcoming Webinars

SADS Foundation: Pregnancy - Patient Perspectives Webinar
March 19th, 2024 @ 7:30 PM ET

Past Webinars

LMNA Cardiac Past Webinars

LMNA information meeting (NL)

Cardiomyopathy Awareness Week

LMNA Research Meeting

LMNA Patient Meeting

The who, what and when of implantable cardioverter defibrillators in LMNA Cardiomyopathy


SADS Foundation Past Webinars

The following list has been curated for LMNA relevance.

Gene Therapy – What is it? How Does it Work?

Sports and Exercise Patient Perspectives

Clinical Trials: Learn the Basics

Genetic Testing – What’s All The Fuss About A VUS

What is an ICD, and what’s an S-ICD?

What is Ventricular Tachycardia?

Gene Therapy Basics

Participating in Clinical Trials

S-ICDs and AEDs in the Home

Mindfulness Exercise

Mind Over Body: Trusting Your Safety Nets

More SADS webinars can be found at:


DCM foundation Past Webinars

Help Us Save Lives – Become an Advocate

Understanding and Navigating DCM – Expert and Patient Perspectives

Understanding Cardiomyopathy Genetic Therapies – Our Hope for the Future

2023 DCM Patient & Family Conference

DCM & Heart Transplant – 3 Patient Stories

DCM Basics – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Cardiomyopathy, Genetics, and YOU – webinar

Myths and Truths About Clinical Trials

“Healthy Together” Wellness Webinar

Cardiomyopathy & Genetics Webinar / Launch of “GCAC” – Get the Facts & Save Lives

Support for Your DCM Journey – DCMF Programs, Services, and Helpful Advice

Insights and Hope When Living with a Heart Device

DCM Patient and Family Conference: Session #3 Patient-to-Patient Panel Discussions

DCM Patient and Family Conference: Session #2 The Latest in DCM Research and Therapies

DCM Patient and Family Conference – Session #1: Dilated Cardiomyopathy Education

DCM Gene Therapy Advancement at Tenaya Therapeutics

What You Should Know About Cardiomyopathy & SILENT Sleep Apnea

The Heart Transplant Journey – What You Should Know

Causes of DCM & Stages of Heart Failure

DCM Foundation’s Strategic Pillars Unveiled – What this Means for You

Ask a Heart Failure Specialist

Living with DCM – A Patient’s Perspective

The Latest in DCM therapies in Development – with Tenaya

DCMF Webinar: “DCM & Heart Transplant: 3 Patient Stories”

The Science Behind DCM Gene Therapies

Living with a Pacemaker or ICD

The Latest in DCM Genetics Research & Therapies in Development (2021)

Genetics of DCM

Ask a Cardiologist your Questions about DCM

Living with a Pacemaker or ICD: Insights & Hope

More DCM Foundation webinars can be found at

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