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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together LMNA experts, key opinion leaders and patients to accelerate research and development, to find an effective treatment for LMNA-related cardiac disease.

Who We Are

Stefan Bassant, entrepreneur and venture capital specialist, had the idea for in early 2021. Living with LMNA-related cardiac disease, Stefan realised there was a need to connect the people with the condition and those in a position to help treat it.

After commissioning research to uncover experts and key opinion leaders in the field, Stefan met his now business partner, Rogier Veltrop. Rogier also has LMNA-related cardiac disease, although his background is very different. A cardiology researcher at Maastricht University, Rogier brings scientific expertise to the partnership.

Our Vision

Our network currently consists of over 350 experts/key opinion leaders, more than 250 companies active in the LMNA/cardiac field, and an excess of 600 patients worldwide.

Our vision is to continue to grow the LMNAcardiac network, creating a forum for individuals with a shared interest in LMNA-related cardiac disease to learn and develop together.

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