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Research Meeting – Discovering a cure for LMNA: Current strategies, crazy ideas and future collaborations

LMNA cardiac
Discovering a cure for LMNA: Current strategies, crazy ideas and future collaborations Dear Sir, Madam,

Thank you for joining the Research meeting focused on Lamin A/C Cardiomyopathy last Wednesday, April 13, 2022. We enjoyed it a lot and hope you did as well!   

1. RecordingWe are happy to share the full recording of the Zoom Webinar in case you could not join the session or if you want to watch it again. We have a full recording available of the Zoom Webinar and you can watch it here
Watch the recorded LMNA Research meeting
2. EvaluationWe are curious about your opinion. If you would be happy to give us feedback on our Webinar, please fill out the short questionnaire via this link

3. Join our patient community: LMNAcardiac.orgThe LMNA Cardiac Foundation is a network with a focus on LMNA cardiac diseases. We provide information and networking opportunities for both patients and experts to speed up research and development. Our focus is on creating a network that generates connections between researchers, experts, companies, and patients. We are here to progress things and help our network in whatever way we can. Stay connected with by leaving your name and email address (as a patient or expert). 

4. New scientific collaborations via Netherlands Heart Institute The Netherlands Heart Institute fosters excellent cardiovascular research on national and international level. We conduct basic science as well as clinical research. We aim to promote cooperation between university medical centers in the Netherlands and between scientists and the private sector. Are you interested in starting new collaborations? Please contact or visit

Furthermore, we would like to encourage you to visit the website of our NLHI Heart Tissue Bank. The NLHI Heart Tissue Bank is a non-profit biobank that collects and stores biomaterial and clinical data of individuals with and without previously known cardiac diseases. All individuals aged ≥ 18 years that live in the Netherlands are eligible for inclusion as a potential future donor. Researchers can use the stored heart tissue and related clinical data for their research. First tissues are now available! The goal of The Heart Tissue Bank is to boost a wide range of cardiac disease-related fundamental and translational studies by strengthening the cardiovascular research infrastructure with an open-access non-profit biobank. A first step to accomplish this is to further increase awareness of the existence of The Heart Tissue Bank among researchers, clinicians, and potential future donors. Check our website to learn more about opportunities for researchers and clinicians. 

Kind regards, and Netherlands Heart Institute
More information about the Research Meeting
LMNA cardiac
This meeting is financially made possible by a contribution from Pfizer

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