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Phlox Therapeutics closes investment seed round

Phlox Therapeutics, a biotech spin-off of the Amsterdam University Medical Center founded by prof. dr. Yigal Pinto and prof. dr. Eva van Rooij, with Margien Boels, PhD as its initiating director of operations have announced the closure of its seed investment round. This pre-seed investment will be used to advance
Phlox’s lead program focused on rare genetic laminopathies. Funding was provided by FIRST fund, managed by BioGeneration Ventures (BGV).

Existing therapies conspicuously fail to halt the progression of hereditary forms of heart failure. Ironically, this most often concerns young patients, leaving them with a therapy-resistant form of heart failure. This includes patients with heart failure caused by mutations in the lamin A/C gene, also known as laminopathies, a distinct and often aggressive form
of heart failure.

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