Therapies & Hope for LMNA-related DCM Patients

Therapies & Hope for LMNA-related DCM Patients

DCM Foundation - LMNA webinar

During this webinar, organized by DCM foundation, critical information regarding genetic components of dilated cardiomyopathy, and Pfizer’s exciting Phase 3 Clinical Trial for which they are recruiting patients with the LMNA variant will be shared.

Topics of the webinar will include:
– Genetics and progressive stages of DCM
– Diagnosis, Evaluation of Family Disease Risk, and Treatment
– Explanation of Pfizer’s Phase 3 Clinical Trial for LMNA patients
– A period of interactive Q&A will follow the presentation

We hope you can join DCM foundation on this interesting webinar (recorded version). 

May 18, 2022 06:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

*Note: All registrants will receive a webinar recording after the event.

Calum MacRae

Calum MacRae, MD, PhD from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston

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